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Nice Yacht Charter Destinations
Luxury Yacht Charters in Nice and the French Riviera.

Nice Yacht Charter Guide


Nice is a place steeped in Belle Époque heritage and claimed beauty, among the leading destinations for luxury vacations in the Mediterranean. Fronted by the enchanting Bay of Angels, Nice is teeming with sophistication and boasting an idyllic scenery with azure waters dotted with golden beaches encompassed by the foothills of the French Alpes.

The Promenade des Anglais, bathed in sunlight and brimming in panache,  is the center of activity with bespoke sporting events, casinos, high-end resorts, and the famous carnival. As the horizon turns into a canvas of golden and rose hues, the luxurious vibrant nightlife on Nice slowly unfolds, and beneath a dark, dazzling ocean.

The Old of Nice boasts a unique cultural fusion of French and Italian influences. Stroll in the tiny streets adorn with ochre-hued buildings and emerge on an exploration of the Cathedral of St. Reparata, Place Rossetti, and False Gate. Nice is renowned for its cuisine, a blend of Italian and French flavors. Home to plenty of high-end restaurants and abundant vineyards, Nice is essential for those with a penchant for gastronomy.

Luxury Yacht Charter Nice

For the seekers of the epitome of quintessential, a yacht charter in Nice allows for bespoke experiences, from leisurely shore cruises to island-hopping luxury retreats. From a meticulously curated fleet boasting interiors to state-of-the-art amenities, every aspect of your yacht charter is designed intricately to offer the utmost comfort, convenience, and style.

Cruise along the mesmerizing shoreline of the French Riviera aboard a luxury yacht charter, savoring panoramic views of sun-kissed beaches, alluring oceanside villages, and world-known landmarks. Indulge in local delicacies and vintage wines aboard a luxury yacht charter in Nice and the French Riviera while overlooking the aquamarine sea waters.

The cosmopolitan city of the Côte de Azur: Nice. Whether you are taking in gourmet culinary treats prepared by your private chef, relaxing in the stylish surroundings of the sundeck, or indulging in a spa treatment, every moment of your time aboard will radiate unmatched luxury that awaits you with on a luxury yacht charter. Nice is a prime yacht charter destination. Charter a motor yacht or superyacht for a private cruise in Nice.

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Extend your luxury yacht charter beyond the coastline of Nice, and explore the emblems of the stunning French Riviera. Cruise to the glamorous principality of Monaco, marvel at the opulent Monte Carlo casino and savor the elegant ambiance of the Harbor. Set sail to the prestigious Cannes, renowned for its film festival, VIP nightlife, and the venture of Saint Tropez, where sun-drenched beaches and luxury boutiques beckon.


Finest Yacht Charter Nice

Design your next yacht charter experience in Nice and the French Riviera. Select a luxury yacht rental with Finest Yacht Charter for your upcoming escape in Nice and the French Riviera.

Iliana Tasiopoulos, Special Yacht Advisor

Finest Yacht Charter Nice

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