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Cyclades Yacht Charter Destinations
Luxury Yacht Charters in the Cyclades Islands.

Cyclades Yacht Charter Guide

Cyclades Islands

Consisted of four island groups, each with its history and appeal, the mythical Aegean Sea is the perfect destination for an extravagant summer getaway. If only the mythical king Theseus, son of King Aegeus, was crossing the Aegean waters on a deluxe modern yacht, his father’s end might have been twisted. But, also, we would be now talking about a different sea, not called, as the legend defines it, the Aegean Sea. With an excellent location within easy access of Athens ports, the 220 islands of the Cyclades, was once the centre of Greek commerce with Ermoupolis, owing its name to Hermes, the god of trade, constituting the greatest commercial port of Greek ancient times. Carved and spread across the crystal blue waters at the east of Athens and Peloponnese, the islands constitute the ideal cruising destination for unforgettable glam yacht parties. A sense of high-standard luxury cruise in all comforts. At the same time, a stroll around the minimal Cycladic architecture of picturesque, blue-domed churches encountered across the cobbled narrow streets and the whitewashed traditional local dwellings in the fresh, warm Cycladic breeze blooms your internal passionate spirit for life. Due to its central position in the heart of Cyclades, the cosmopolitan Mykonos is the ideal starting point of a luxury yacht charter in the Cyclades Islands. Charter a private crewed yacht and explore the beauties of the Cyclades Islands. From day yacht rentals, island transfers, private cruises to weekly luxury yacht charters in the Cyclades Islands. From speed boats, sailing boats, motor yachts, party yachts to the finest super yachts available for charter in the Cyclades Islands.

Island Hopping in Cyclades Islands

Jump on your courtly yacht and you have already reached the island of Mykonos, the worldwide destination of legendary parties and endless nightlife entertainment attracting crowds of international visitors since the 1960s. In a combination of scenery tradition and cosmopolitan vibe, get ready for first-rate service at award-winning restaurants, lavish beach clubs, and upper-class hospitality of all kinds. Satisfy your appetite for an elegant refreshment at Little Venice overlooking the blue ocean or appreciate the view from the hillside mills warming up for an unforgettable glam night around Mykonos alleys. You cannot miss the world-famous exclusive day and night VIP parties while appreciating all comforts of a yacht charter. Situated in the heart of Cyclades, Mykonos is the ideal yacht charter spot. Traveling south, you will reach the stunning Santorini. Marvel at the dazzling sunsets from one of the countless island spots or cruise through purple sun-setting waters in the rhythm of music and a glass of champagne. Enjoy romantic dinners or extraordinary cocktails at nestled lux restaurants or tables with a view and go wine tasting in Santorini’s famous wineries! Cruise across the Cyclades Islands to marvel at imposing neoclassical mansions and exceptional Byzantine footpaths in Paros or cross the monumental marble gate of Palatia islet and appreciate endless seascapes of blue in Naxos. You will also be left staggered by anchoring at Sarakiniko and Kleftiko in Milos, the most exotic island in the Cyclades with unparalleled waterfronts covered by volcanic rocks, eroded caves, and emerald waters!

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Unceasing charming coastlines and beaches, a labyrinth of gastronomic affairs, untold VIP nightlife and party indulgence, enlightening sightseeing of Cyclades Islands rich cultural heritage are just the starts of a luxury yacht charter in the Cyclades Islands. Finest Yacht Charter luxury team provides luxury at its finest, with the best crewed private yacht charter Cyclades has to offer. Contact your Finest Yacht Charter Cyclades yacht advisor for a personalized luxury yacht selection combined with Finest Luxury Concierge Mykonos, Santorini Concierge, and Paros Concierge, luxury services, and bespoke experiences.



Finest Yacht Charter Cyclades

Charter a yacht and explore the beauties of the Cyclades Islands. We have access to more than 500 luxury yachts in Cyclades and Greece. We are locals so we can make the best of the luxury tailor-made holidays in Cyclades, guaranteed.

Iliana Tasiopoulos, Special Yacht Advisor

Finest Yacht Charter Cyclades Islands

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